A visit to the Counselling Centre

Janine was sick of feeling depressed. She had coped with depression most of her adult years. She had married for a second time eight years ago and had a 7 year old son. She also had a teenage daughter who was always arguing with her husband and she was stuck in the middle. Her extended family lived far away and she didn’t feel like she had anyone she could really talk to. She had a few friends but they were busy as well and Janine felt a sense of shame about unloading her problems on them so she kept quiet. She felt stuck in a rut. All her days felt the same, just a monotone of caring for family, going to work where she had to pretend she was happy. She was only 42 and wondered if this was all life was about. She didn’t know who she was anymore or what she wanted. One day in the supermarket carpark she saw a huge sign on a building saying Counselling Centre (Marton). She felt scared but took the plunge and called us.
She found her Counsellor to be warm, welcoming and after her first appointment suddenly felt hope, a feeling long forgotten. Over the course of a couple of months with regular counselling sessions, she felt like a new person.